What motivates your team? Is it mainly their compensation and bonus payout? How much do the intangible factors of the workplace motivate your employees?

I recently spoke with a former colleague who runs an organization of about fifty employees. His mentor facilitated a 360 review of his performance, where he received feedback from direct reports, colleagues and managers. This executive has had stellar performance reviews year over year and has brought a new vision and growth to the organization. Although the 360 results showed that he successfully inspired his direct reports with his vision, he failed to enable or motivate them over the past year.

When he received his feedback, he was upset and perplexed. He wondered what he had done in the past that he no longer was doing to successfully motivate and inspire his employees.

After multiple conversations with direct reports, he had realized that he had become so focused on results, that he forgot the niceties he used to institute.  He used to send notes to his direct reports on a weekly basis about something they had done that he noticed and appreciated.  He would personally walk into a person’s office and shake their hand and congratulate them on a job well done.  He realized he had forgotten how something as easy as thanking someone goes a long way when making an employee feel valued and appreciated.

How do you show appreciation to your team for their hard work and dedication?